Interact: The Third Step in Becoming a Digital Influencer

By this point in the series, we have explored two other aspects of what it takes to become a digital influencer. Although these topics have appeared in a specific order, that does not mean one is more important than the other. All three, including this last topic, are necessary for creating a successful online presence.  

I contend that interacting with followers is another integral part of digital influence. I’ve been a social media user for almost a decade now. Even from my earliest interactions with others online, it has always made me feel somewhat special when a “famous” person interacts with my comments or posts.  

I remember a couple of years ago when I started following an influencer who focused on health and nutrition. I tried one of the products she recommended and I wrote to her about it in a comment. When she responded and liked the comment, it reminded me that her online presence wasn’t just a job to her – she actually cared about the people she was influencing.  

How many times have your friends excitedly messaged you after a well-known influencer interacts with them on social media? This has happened to me plenty of times, and it just goes to show how much of a positive impact these interactions create.  

Not only does this build trust with the people who are already following you, it may also introduce your profile to the friend of one of your followers, if they partake in the behavior I mentioned above. This may be enough to convince new users to follow your presence online.  

The Wrong Kind of Interaction 

A recent trend in social media is the use of automated bots to control post interactions. A bot is a program which can interact with users and respond or behave in a desired manner. For example, a bot might be designed to like the comment of every user who responds to a specific post.  

Influencers who use bots may argue that they can speed up the process of interacting with followers. They might also argue that bots can help gain attention from users through interaction.  

However, these interactions are formulaic and artificial. They do not cause the same kind of effect as individualized responses. One reason for this is because users will likely catch on to when an influencer is utilizing a bot. If every single comment on a video is liked within seconds of posting it, most people will recognize that this indicates bot activity.  

If you have thousands of followers, I understand that it would certainly not be practical to interact with every single user who engages with you. If you know how many people typically interact with your content, set yourself a goal for how many of those people you can respond to. This way you won’t get overwhelmed by trying to respond to each person, and you will get to respond to a variety of users.  

Taking this simple step will leave a lasting impact on your followers and on your digital presence.  

What is your favorite way to interact with your followers? Reach out and let me know.  

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