Create Content Consistently: The Second Step in Gaining Digital Influence

As I shared in my blog last week, defining your focus is the first step in creating an influential digital presence. This week, I’ll continue the theme of digital influence with the second step: creating content consistently.  

The successful accounts which I follow on social media inspired the reasoning behind this post. I’ve discovered that influencers have a more loyal platform of followers when their followers can depend on their posts. This is embodied by creating content which revolves around one topic and posting it regularly.  

This aspect of digital influence helps users decide if an account is worth following or unfollowing. The practical steps listed below were cultivated to help generate more interest and maintain followers and interactions. 

Breaking News 

According to Business Insider, 64% of millennials get their news from digital outlets. These outlets include social media and online news publications.  

If an important event occurs within the topic which you focus on as an influencer, your followers may expect to hear the news from you first, especially if this news affects you personally. For example, if your focus is sustainability and a new zero-waste product is released, you should post about it as soon as possible.  

If your followers can count on you for this accurate and relevant information, they will begin to build their trust in you. Accuracy and relevancy are also important here – the news you share should be researched and true. An easy way to lose the trust you have built is by sharing news which isn’t supported by evidence.  

The relevancy of your posts relates back to your overall focus. Your followers will not be interested in unrelated content. But, it can be beneficial to branch out at times and include new elements in your focus as long as they relate.  

Scheduled Content 

Breaking news posts will interrupt your normal posting routine. If the guidelines above are applied, there is nothing wrong with straying from your schedule. As long as you have a schedule to begin with.  

Depending on the type of content you create, your followers probably already have expectations for how often you post. Most people know that producing a YouTube video takes more time than writing an Instagram caption.  

If YouTube is your preferred social media outlet, your schedule will differ from an Instagram influencer’s. Posting a video once a week is much more practical than posting every day. But if Instagram is the media you use the most, once a day might actually work well. 

Again, all of this is relative to your focus and your audience. But as users begin to see a pattern in your posts, they will expect this pattern to continue. A schedule lets them know they can depend on your posts.  

By following these suggestions in creating content, users who share your interests will want to stick around longer to hear what you have to say.  

Do you follow any social media accounts which post content on a tight schedule? Tell me in the comments below.  

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