How to Become a Digital Influencer

Scroll, like, retweet, scroll, like. Are you bored of this pattern?

Many social media users are beginning to question if they can take their profiles to the next level and use their profiles for something more. With so many interests and cultures represented on social media, each person has the opportunity to make an impact and share their content with a diverse audience.

Those who do this successfully are typically known as digital influencers.

According to Hotmart, a digital influencer is a content producer who uses their channels to influence behavior both online and offline. Influencers are increasing significantly with the popularity of social media outlets like YouTube and Instagram.

This significant increase creates a demand for influencers who will meet the wants of their followers. In order to achieve these desires, and become a successful influencer, content producers must complete three steps: define their focus, create content consistently, and interact.

Define your Focus

Interactions on social media typically revolve around interests. Users follow cooking accounts because they’re interested in easy recipes, or they follow fitness accounts to learn how to do new exercises.

They already know what kind of content they want to see. This is why it’s so important to pick a focus and stick with it. It will eventually turn into the actual branding of an influencer if it generates enough attention.

If a cooking account suddenly started posting fitness videos, users would likely unfollow it and stop interacting with its content. But when users find profiles which contain the specific content they’re looking for, they are more likely to continue following and interacting with it.

Create Content Consistently

Once a user has discovered an account they want to follow, they start expecting to see posts from that account in their feeds. Especially if any breaking news occurs within the account’s focus, they may expect to hear it from one specific account first.

This is why consistent posting is such an important part of being a digital influencer. Some influencers post as often as once or twice a day. This may be fitting for some focuses and maybe not for others.

Regardless of your focus, create a posting schedule and stick to it. Users may expect to see a new video from an influencer each weekend or perhaps an email newsletter sent to them one day a week.

Posting regularly will make your followers excited to see your next post.


Connecting with others is the purpose behind social media. Most social channels were created to bring people together digitally. If users agree with this, they will often expect influencers to interact with them.

If a user asks a question on your post, respond to them! If many of your followers are asking the same question or giving you the same response, consider addressing it in a new post. These are just a few simple ways to digitally connect with followers. But even a simple interaction like this can help influence a user’s opinion.

Another important side of interaction is reaching out to other content producers or businesses. If you are interested in a product, reach out to its creator and have a conversation. This can lead to potential partnerships, and more exposure of your account to people with similar interests.

Taking your social media accounts to influencer-level may sound daunting, but it can be accomplished by starting with the basics and sticking to what you believe in.


Have you made any drastic changes to your social media in order to become a digital influencer? Let me know in the comments.

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